Spread the love of beautiful things

Flora Marketing is working on creative designs and communication concepts especially for the flower industry. All with one purpose: to create a passionate desire for your product. With fun, enthusiasm and an enormous drive. We just really love creating beautiful things.



Our focus is on your business. We create the right attention for your product.
The proof is in the pudding. We know. For that, check out our pearls of creativity.

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Madam Red
Flower Academy
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How we work

If your customers don’t know your product, selling it, won’t be easy.
So, you have to promote your product at the right time, to the right people.
With an effective strategy and an outstanding campaign, we'll make your
audience enthusiastic. Even more than ever before.

Some clients have already used our expertise. And just for your info… yes, they were enthusiastic. And yes, they did increase in scale. And yes, their business did grow.


We will take your business to a higher level.


Meet the team

Flora Marketing is all about having fun.
With flowers, plants, bulbs and everything else that makes the world more colourful.
But also with marketing, communication, art, steady copy, catchy design and so on.
Meet our incredible team. They're big fun too.

  • Creative Director
    Creative director

    This 'thinker' has an extremely creative brain,
    even we are shocked sometimes. He always
    knows how to surprise his clients with
    designs and concepts that are almost too
    cool to be true.

  • Strategy Director
    Strategy director

    If you want to market your product, this is
    your guy. His strategic marketing insights and
    clever product solutions open worlds
    you could only dream of.

  • Account Director
    Account director

    Contacts, network and influence.
    That's what this walking mouth and ear
    makes a very special person. He knows what
    it takes to build a brand and to florish
    as a company. He also loves celebrations
    and success…


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